Our Mission

Starfire LEDs was created to produce the highest quality LED lighting products and options available on the market, cause no unnecessary harm through our existence and business practices, and utilize our business and influence to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis of energy consumption reduction.

Starfire LED’s corporate mission is to revolutionize the lighting industry by providing the highest quality and technologically advanced LED lighting products and options available on the market, at the most competitive prices in the industry in an effort to promote energy consumption reduction. StarfireLEDs’ core belief and understanding of the enormous importance of energy consumption reduction and our application of that belief to research and development marketable products will have a global impact. Through energy consumption reduction, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced.

Our Vision

Starfire LEDs’ bedrock is a deep seated commitment to the environmental wellness of our planet through energy consumption reduction. After all, if we don’t take care of that which we are standing on, what will we have to stand on? Energy consumption reduction is integral to sustainability, which is defined as “the enduring prosperity of all living things.” Sustainability is closely linked to the health of all people living on Earth, the health of our global environment, and the economic systems that support and promote these. This is what we call the Triple-Bottom-Line approach; human health, environmental health, and economic health through providing LED lighting products and options that advocate and promote energy consumption reduction.

Our Promise

We will continue to develop, source, and market cutting-edge and technologically advanced LED lighting options and products that will be affordable, available, and unmatched in quality for both residential and commercial consumers who are committed to a “greener” tomorrow. With our focus on innovation and staying at the forefront of this pioneering technology, we will revolutionize the lighting industry and guide the LED lighting industry in research and development toward practical applications that will change our world through energy consumption reduction and responsible sustainability.

Our #1 Priority is to deliver above and beyond our clients expectations.

We do that by providing a superior team that will deliver a superior product. Our focus is on our process which drives high performance and a sense of urgency. We prioritize our actions, provide immediate communication, and as a result we meet schedules, budgets, and high quality workmanship.

Featured Products


UV Emission Free


Mercury Free


Consumes only 25% of the energy compared to standard CFL or fluorescent bulbs


Lasts 10+ Years

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