Special polycarbonate lens coating
Helps grow healthier chickens


85% Energy Savings
Average  savings over incandescent


Cool Light
800 Lumen of 5000 Kelvin

Our Agri-Lume LED Poultry Bulbs Are For The Birds

Strafer Worldwide is proud to be the only LED lighting company in the world to offer a bulb that will guarantee significantly higher egg production quality, extraordinary broiler quality, and virtually no aggressive bird behavior when compared to CFL or Incandescent bulbs while reducing your energy cost by 50% – 80%

The Agri-Lume LED bulb is easily retrofitted to operate in any existing light fixture. Energy consumption is significantly lowered with Agri-Lume LED bulbs. Research data indicates that under Agri-Lume LED bulbs, poultry perform better and are healthier than under Compact Fluorescent, Cold Cathode or Incandescent light bulbs.

Added Heat Sink:

The 18 Fin sunflower type aluminum extrusion Heat Sink will provide additional cooling when the bulbs are in operation 24/7.

Available Socket types:

Agri-Lume LED Poultry Light Bulbs come with E26, E27, B22 or GU10fittings.

Electrical Data:

Input Power: Agri-Lume LED Poultry Light Bulbs are produced in a variety of models. These models correspond to national power specifications.

Please take this into consideration when ordering. Select the model appropriate to your locations’ input voltage specifications for proper operations.

Agri-Lume LED technology does not require ballasts or transformers. In addition, they boast a power factor greater than 0.90, THD 20%, and a 30% reduction in heat output. They emit virtually zero electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Agri-Lume LED technology works well with TRIAC dimmers as low as 5%.

Light Characteristics:

  • Efficacy 100 lm/W
  • Beam Angle 160 D
  • CCT 5500K
  • Total Flux 800 lm
  • Color Rending Index: > 85

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 128 mm
  • Diameter: 120 mm
  • Net Weight: 380 Grams – With Sealant

Understanding the effects of light on living creatures

The eyes are undeniably one of the most important sensory organs in the body.  When light penetrates the retina, stimulation of multiple biological functions occurs.  The light that we perceive is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, known as the visible spectrum.  The same is true in most animals.  Poultry, however, are significantly different.  The spectral sensitivity and visible spectrum of poultry, or what they actually see, is not the same as humans.  This is why chickens or turkeys may behave differently than other animals under the same light intensity or source, even when it appears identical to us.  Chickens and turkeys absorb light through their eyes just like we do, but also are able to sense light through the pineal gland.  The pineal gland is commonly called the “third eye”, and is situated on the dorsal surface of the brain.  The avian pineal gland is particularly involved in the control of circadian rhythms and sexual activity.  A circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle in the biochemical, physiological and behavioral processes of all animals.

  • 8 Watt Dimmable Feeder Light
  • 800 Lumen of 5000 Kelvin Cool Light
  • TRIAC Dim-ability for lower level feeding
  • Less infant mortality among new born chicks
  • Aluminum casting combined with extrusion and coated with Anti-corrosive Anodized Heat-Sink to withstand harsh environments
  • No Mercury* (Broken CFL pollute the Chickens and humans who consume them)
  • Ruggedized Design – Unbreakable
  • Meets ASABE Standards For Broiler House Operations.
  • 65,000 Hour Life Expectancy
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Average 85% energy savings over incandescent
  • No UV or Additional Heat
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Special polycarbonate lens coating to help grow healthier chickens
  • AC input: 120 VAC, Also available for 240 and 260 VAC Operations